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by Amanda Avutu



Welcome to our new blog, One Good Egg! We believe that good eggs come in all sizes. No matter how you choose to make a difference while making a buck, we’re thrilled that you’re making that choice at all. So whether you’re an aspiring good egg, a moderately good egg, or a good egg extraordinaire, thank you for making people and the planet a priority in your profit-making.

Have a look around, partake of our storytelling tips, indulge in our insights, and join us in celebrating how one good egg can have one hell of an impact. And if you need help writing anything for or about your business, give us a holler, it’s kind of our thing.

Thanks for visiting, and for being one good egg!


Welcome to One Good Egg, the Good Egg Branding blog. We’re writers helping social entrepreneurs discover, articulate, and shout their brand stories from the urban-farmed rooftops. We do this because we believe that one good egg can have one hell of an impact. Here we share insights, stories, and advice for (and about) people looking to make a profit and a difference.


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