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Why it's Imperative to Share Your Social Goodness Story

by Amanda Avutu


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Let’s face it, you’re a do-gooder. It’s just who you are. It’s part of who your business is, too. So why the reluctance to sound that trumpet?

I can’t tell you how many business owners I meet who do a metric ton of good. I’m not just talking Mother Theresa-level stuff, either. Little things add up. Yet while some of the big corporations are asking themselves, “If we plant a tree and no one posts it on Instagram, does it exist?” so many smaller businesses aren’t saying a word about the good work they do every day.

We get it, you’re not doing good things in your business just to get a pat on the back. As uncomfortable as it feels to tell people you’re doing good, it’s a must. Rest assured, sharing your social do-gooder story doesn’t make you appear opportunistic. It doesn’t undermine your pure intentions. It makes you a savvy business owner who recognizes that ethical consumers want to support ethical businesses. And the simple truth is that people can’t make informed choices about how to spend their money if they don’t have all the information.

So let’s give them the information, shall we? Start with these lists that will help you visualize all the good things you’ve been doing:

  1. Times you chose the more socially responsible option, even if it was harder, more expensive, or scarier
  2. The time or money you’ve donated
  3. The people’s lives you’ve impacted/People who have impacted your lives as a result of your social goodness
  4. The local businesses with whom you’ve done business or partnered
  5. The things you want to do to help out more

Once you have your lists, you can start piecing together a broad story about the ways in which your business cares. After that, be sure to share it on your company’s web page and in your company’s LinkedIn profile. Of course you can, and should, tweet, tweet your toot, toots (ditto Instagram and Facebook). Because if you plant a tree and no one posts it on Instagram, it still provides oxygen, true, just maybe not the oxygen your socially conscious consumer will be breathing.

Need help? Send us your details (below). We’ll gladly guide you through tooting your own horn or toot it for you.

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