Founder, Amanda Avutu on a Good Reason

by Amanda Avutu



I couldn’t shred a carrot—that’s how weak I was. And I was craving a carrot, lime, and raisin salad because I was finally hungry, damn it! Three months earlier, I’d been preoccupied with rebooting the business I’d started in 2001, and which I’d tapered to a trickle around 2008 so I could spend more time with my then-young child. The cold, a minor annoyance at first, had morphed into a pervasive virus that left me bedridden. Eventually, I found myself rebooting more than just my business, and definitely not in the ways I’d previously envisioned.

While Good Egg Branding didn’t come into this world because of a nearly thwarted craving for carrot salad (eventually my husband endured my instructions, because I know enough to ask for help), it grew in my mind during the time I was sidelined.

I passively distracted myself from the feelings of feebleness, uselessness, and terror, (not a “ness,” but you can’t forget the terror)—with the entire Gilmore Girls series and a good deal of Felicity. As the surprise debilitation stretched on, the imperative to restart the business became farcical—I wanted to give my daughter a bath. I wanted to read my son a book. I wanted to whisper with my husband after bedtime.

Don’t get me wrong, I love copywriting. I’m a storyteller. Whether creating fairytales for my kids, drafting my novel (forever drafting!), or crafting a client’s content, I can’t help but tell stories. But lying there, thinking of spending the healthy days that I sure hoped were on the horizon writing “copy” for “businesses,” was just not going to cut it. When I finally stepped away from Lorelai and Rory, Felicity and Noel. . .and Ben, I wanted to do something that I could truly be proud of.

Once I got out of bed, I promised myself, I was going to make that salad for myself. I also promised myself that I was going to launch Good Egg Branding so I could tell stories, yes, but specifically good eggs’ stories. Because there are people out there who want to make a difference, not just a profit, and I want to make a difference with them.


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