Don’t be a Jargon McJargonson

Why Clear, Yet Dazzling, Content is Best

by Amanda Avutu


There’s an epidemic going on in the business world. We say epidemic, because it’s contagious. One person uses a little jargon, next thing you know it’s part of your vernacular. Next thing you know it’s part of your entire business network’s vernacular. Everyone secretly thinks it’s an asinine word. No one is quite sure what it means. And yet no one wants to be the one to axe it.

Axe it! Please! For the love of all things that make sense. Or don’t make sense, rather. We will thank you. Your prospective customers & clients will thank you. And you’ll finally be able to look at yourself in the reflection of your computer screen again without cringing.

Jargon doesn’t make you sound cool.

Jargon doesn’t make you seem smart.

You know what else jargon doesn’t do? Communicate complex ideas simply.

There are lots of things that make content great, but what makes content not suck is its ability to successfully convey an idea. Yes, that’s keeping the bar pretty low, but there it is folks. If you want writing that doesn’t alienate readers by making them feel like they are too daft to understand what you’re explaining, then resist the urge to say “synergize” when you can say “collaborate.” Resist the temptation to say “ideate” when you can say “think.”  And never, ever say “open the kimono.” Trust us. We’d also rather you lay off the “disruptive” and “pivot” and take it easy on the “game-changing” and “vertical.” But for the jargon you really ought not utter, scribble, or even think, check out this comprehensive and repugnant list.

Not sure what constitutes jargon, or need to translate what the jargonmeister of your office is saying, check out Unsuck It or Talk Like the Boss, and then . . . well, don’t talk like the boss. Please?

If you’re ready to step away from the jargon but aren’t sure what to do, send us a note (below) and we’ll help you get on your way to communicating plainly, yet dazzlingly.

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