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    Checking Out

    by Amanda Avutu

    An elderly couple, a lady with an oxygen tank, and an ancient woman in the most splendid marigold and red sari walk into a crowded waiting room. No, it’s not a setup for a terrible joke, although it could be.

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    by Amanda Avutu

    We looked for him this morning on the way to school, the emaciated man I have seen every day, at least twice a day, for the past four months.

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    Founder, Amanda Avutu on a Good Reason

    by Amanda Avutu

    I couldn’t shred a carrot—that’s how weak I was. And I was craving a carrot, lime, and raisin salad because I was finally hungry, damn it! Three months earlier, I’d been preoccupied with rebooting the business I’d started in 2001, and which I’d tapered to a trickle around 2008.

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