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    Toot! Toot!

    Why it's Imperative to Share Your Social Goodness Story

    by Amanda Avutu

    Let’s face it, you’re a do-gooder. It’s just who you are. It’s part of who your business is, too. So why the reluctance to sound that trumpet? I can’t tell you how many business owners I meet who do a metric ton of good. I’m not just talking Mother Theresa-level stuff, either. Little things add […]

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    Welcome to One Good Egg

    The Good Egg Branding Blog

    by Amanda Avutu

      Welcome to our new blog, One Good Egg! We believe that good eggs come in all sizes. No matter how you choose to make a difference while making a buck, we’re thrilled that you’re making that choice at all. So whether you’re an aspiring good egg, a moderately good egg, or a good egg extraordinaire, […]

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    You’re Better Than All Bran:

    Beyond Bullet Points in Bios

    by Amanda Avutu

      There’s you. . .and then there’s “paper you.” Paper you touts a thousand dull facts that are about as exciting to ingest as a bowl of All Bran. As a social entrepreneur, someone who is driven by making a difference, not just a profit, enquiring minds want to know what sparked your passion, how […]

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    Checking Out

    by Amanda Avutu

    An elderly couple, a lady with an oxygen tank, and an ancient woman in the most splendid marigold and red sari walk into a crowded waiting room. No, it’s not a setup for a terrible joke, although it could be.

  • via TECHMalak


    by Amanda Avutu

    We looked for him this morning on the way to school, the emaciated man I have seen every day, at least twice a day, for the past four months.

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    Founder, Amanda Avutu on a Good Reason

    by Amanda Avutu

    I couldn’t shred a carrot—that’s how weak I was. And I was craving a carrot, lime, and raisin salad because I was finally hungry, damn it! Three months earlier, I’d been preoccupied with rebooting the business I’d started in 2001, and which I’d tapered to a trickle around 2008.

  • hellomynameisjargon

    Don’t be a Jargon McJargonson

    Why Clear, Yet Dazzling, Content is Best

    by Amanda Avutu

    There’s an epidemic going on in the business world. We say epidemic, because it’s contagious. One person uses a little jargon. Next thing you know it’s part of your entire business network’s vernacular. No one is quite sure what it means. And yet no one wants to be the one to axe it.

Welcome to One Good Egg, the Good Egg Branding blog. We’re writers helping social entrepreneurs discover, articulate, and shout their brand stories from the urban-farmed rooftops. We do this because we believe that one good egg can have one hell of an impact. Here we share insights, stories, and advice for (and about) people looking to make a profit and a difference.


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