When they insisted, “You can’t make a living and a difference!”
You said, “Hell yeah, I can. Just watch me!”


Do you know what good eggs have, aside from vision and courage? Great stories (ones they don’t even know exist). And great stories are what motivate people to make a purchase … and a change.


We’re brand storytellers

Like down to our core, in our DNA, storytellers. No slash to divide our talent in half. A period to punctuate it. Exclamation point, if you’re feeling exuberant. We’re storytellers! More specifically, a team of copywriters, journalists, and fiction writers who are committed to helping social entrepreneurs discover, articulate, and shout their brand stories from the urban-farmed rooftops.


Social entrepreneurs with some serious “give a damn”

Whether you’re creating toys or software programs that promote gender equity, are sourcing local & sustainable materials, are working on a prototype for modular shelters for the homeless, or are selling a product that harnesses the power of solar energy, you care about making a difference, not just a profit.


Any writing you need for, or about, your business: brand storytelling, copywriting, and guidance, to boot. We’re not skill hogs, either. We think it’s important that you learn how to recognize, shape, and disseminate your stories, because you’re making more every day!

We love developing copy for startups or reimagining content for established businesses. B Corps make our heart sing, so much so that we’re happy to help businesses think of ways they can incorporate social goodness into their structure and messaging.


Web content, Bios, Blog posts, Articles, Correspondence, Product descriptions, Brochures, Naming, Taglines, Advertisements, Social Media profiles, Pitch letters, Crowdfunding profiles & campaigns, and that’s just for starters. Send us a note and we can wax poetic about our packages.


Storytelling timeline, Character development, Brand checkup, Branding session, Story bank, Character Sheets, Brand Storytelling Guide

We’re happy to work on a per project, package, or retainer basis (3 mos. usually hits the sweet spot). You just tell us what you need.


We’re experts

We have been trained to extract, craft, and contextualize information. It doesn’t even hurt. Sometimes there’s coffee involved. As journalists, we can pull stories from forgotten rooms of your brain, as fiction writers we can craft your story to draw people in emotionally, and as copywriters we know how to contextualize this content so that it makes the most sense no matter where you are sharing your story, or who you are sharing it with.


We recycle and sign petitions; we donate our money and time. We vote at the register and the polls. But we want to do more, every single day, to help solve the world’s inequities, inadequacies, and injustices, its underdevelopment and over-pollution.

We want our actions, both big and small, to make a real, lasting difference. We’re no biochemistry whizzes or brilliant mathematicians. We’re writers who understand the power a story has to not only move people, but to motivate them. By working with social enterprises, we get to do more by maximizing the difference our clients make. We get to help good eggs tell their great stories.


It boils down to this: We’re small and focused, and creative as all get out. We know how to recognize, develop, and tell a phenomenal story.

The big multidisciplinary firms want to put on their waders to go waist-deep into your organization (and your budget). We’re happy to put on our rain boots and go knee-deep into your organization (and your budget) to equip you with your best brand stories. How? In your voice, because being you is always best. Without any jargon, because words should clarify, not confound.

Ready to find out how ridiculously intriguing you really are?


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